Nude Platforms

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Are you tired of your old shoes that just don’t seem to fit right? Look no further! In this roundup, we’re diving into the world of nude platforms, where comfort and style meet to create the perfect footwear. From stylish sandals to chic heels, we’ve curated a collection of nude platforms that will make you forget you’re even wearing shoes. So, let’s step into a world of comfort and elegance with our Nude Platforms review.

The Top 5 Best Nude Platforms

  1. Stylish Blush Madden Girl Heels with Padded Footbed and Block Heel — Treat yourself to a feminine and stable walking experience with the Madden Girl Beella 9 Women’s Blush heels, perfect for adding charm to your walk.
  2. Platform Heels by Madden Girl: All-Day Comfort and Versatile Styling — Experience comfort and style with the versatile, crafted platform dress heels from Madden Girl, perfect for everyday wear.
  3. Nude Patent Heel with Platform — Women’s Chinese Laundry Shoes — Experience the combination of comfort and style in the Nude Patent women’s sneakers from Chinese Laundry, featuring a chunky nude heel and lightweight synthetic sole.
  4. Sophisticated Patent Leather Sandals with Adjustable Ankle Strap — Step up your style game with CL by Laundry’s on-trend Go On 2 pumps, featuring a chic patent leather construction, a high block heel for added elegance, and an adjustable ankle strap for a custom fit.
  5. Elevated Style: A New Day Women’s Beige Platform Pump Heels — Step into effortless style with A New Day’s Platform Pumps, featuring a comfortable 4.25in block heel, foam insole, and adjustable buckle closure for the perfect fit.

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Stylish Blush Madden Girl Heels with Padded Footbed and Block Heel


When it comes to the Madden Girl Beella heels, they’ve certainly got a certain charm and allure to them. With their block heels and padded footbed promising a stable and comfortable walk, it’s no wonder they’re a go-to choice for many fashion-conscious women out there. But oh, the heartache that can come along with the allure!

My own experience has been one filled with both joy and disappointment. I adore the blush hue of these heels, and they certainly make a statement wherever you go. Yet, something about the fit didn’t quite work out for me. The ankle strap, while adding a touch of elegance to the design, seemed to cut off my circulation and made me feel like a human-sized sausage! It was like trying to stuff a square peg into a round hole.

On the positive side, the padded footbed and block heels did help me maintain a balanced gait, which was a welcome relief after hours of standing. I even ended up buying a few more pairs in different colors, because honestly, who can resist such a sweet-looking shoe?

But just like every love story, there’s a bit of heartbreak involved. The fact is, these heels are not for everyone. They are best suited for those with narrow feet, because if you’re anything like me, they can be a bit of a squeeze.

So, while the Madden Girl Beella heels might be a dream for some, they certainly aren’t one for all. As with anything in life, the journey of love — or in this case, fashion — can be filled with both thrills and spills. But at the end of the day, it’s all about finding what works for you, and these Beella heels might just be the ticket for some.

Platform Heels by Madden Girl: All-Day Comfort and Versatile Styling


I recently got my hands on a pair of Madden Girl women’s platform dress heels, and let me tell you, they didn’t disappoint. I first admired their sleek design and classic style, and they looked every bit as stunning as the pictures promised. When I slipped them on, they felt like a dream, thanks to the comfortable, all-day wear they promised.

The 4-inch heel and 0.5-inch platform offered a nice height boost without compromising my comfort, and I was blown away by their sturdy build. My favorite feature, however, was the versatile selection of styles, colors, and materials. It was difficult to choose just one pair — there were so many to fall in love with.

One potential downside was the fit, as I found the strap buckle digging into my ankle, which could be a nuisance for some. But overall, I adored these heels, and I can’t wait to wear them out for some well-deserved compliments.

Nude Patent Heel with Platform — Women’s Chinese Laundry Shoes


I recently tried on these Chinese Laundry Women’s Wow platform heels, and I have to say, they’re a stunning pair. The platform not only adds extra height, but also provides some much-needed balance. I was really impressed by the round toe design, which defines the wearer’s foot without making it seem exaggerated.

One thing I loved about these heels was the roomy toe box. It allowed my toes to spread out comfortably, which is a rare find in many heels these days. The synthetic sole also contributed to the overall comfort of the shoe, as it provided enough cushioning for my feet.

However, there were a couple of issues I encountered with these heels. Firstly, they did run a bit small, so I had to go up half a size from what I usually wear. Secondly, the heels felt a bit slippery on my feet, which made it difficult to walk in them the first few times. I had to adjust my stride a bit to get used to the added height and platform.

Despite these minor issues, I’m really happy with my purchase. The shoes are trendy and comfortable, and I definitely recommend them for anyone looking for a stylish, yet practical pair of high heels.

Sophisticated Patent Leather Sandals with Adjustable Ankle Strap


Women’s CL by Laundry Go on 2 platform dress sandals in nude patent Size 10 are the perfect fashion statement for any occasion. The high block heel adds a touch of glamour while providing stability and comfort for all-day wear, making you strut with confidence. The patent leather construction exudes a sophisticated and polished look, perfect for any event, and the adjustable ankle strap ensures a customizable fit that fits like a dream.

The trendy platform toe design adds an edgy touch to your footwear, making a bold fashion statement wherever you go. Despite some issues with sizing and comfort for certain users, overall, these shoes are a great choice for those looking for stylish, comfortable, and versatile heels.

Elevated Style: A New Day Women’s Beige Platform Pump Heels


These Noir Platform Pumps from A New Day are the perfect addition to any woman’s closet, thanks to their sleek style and added comfort. The medium-width design along with a foam insole ensures a secure fit while offering breathable comfort throughout the day. The 4.25-inch block heel adds a touch of height without sacrificing comfort.

These sandals come in a solid, eye-catching hue and feature an adjustable buckle strap closure. They can easily be paired with dresses, officewear, and more. A New Day focuses on providing stylish footwear that can keep up with your busy lifestyle.

I recently tried these pumps, and my experience was quite pleasant. I appreciate the fashionable yet comfortable design, and they work well for various occasions. Plus, the foam insole provided much-needed cushioning, making it easy for me to walk in them for longer periods.

However, I did encounter a minor issue — the buckle strap had a tendency to slide off my foot while walking. This might not be a problem for everyone, but it’s something I noticed.

In conclusion, these Noir Platform Pumps from A New Day offer both style and comfort, making them a worthy addition to any wardrobe. The pros include their sleek design, cushioned insole, and overall comfort. The cons include the slightly loose buckle strap, which may not suit everyone’s needs.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to the world of fashion, nude platforms have become increasingly popular for their versatility and elegance. They come in various styles, materials, and designs, making it a challenging task to determine which one is the best for you. This buyer’s guide will help you navigate through the options and make the right choice for your wardrobe.


Important Features to Consider

Before diving into the world of nude platforms, it’s essential to be aware of the key features that can impact your overall experience with the product. Some of the important features include comfort, support, style, and material. By considering these factors, you can find the right platform that suits your needs and preferences.

Comfort and Support

Comfort and support are two crucial factors to consider when purchasing nude platforms. Opt for shoes with cushioned footbeds and proper arch support. This will help reduce pressure points and provide sufficient comfort for long-term wear. Additionally, look for platforms with adjustable straps or secured fastenings to ensure they stay firmly in place while you walk.


Style and Material

The style and material of your nude platform are essential to consider if you want to make a fashion statement. Platforms come in various designs, including high-heeled, chunky, and minimalistic styles. Choose one that complements your personal style and wardrobe. In terms of material, nude platforms can be made of faux leather, real leather, or synthetic materials. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, such as durability, flexibility, and breathability. Do your research to find the material that best suits your needs.

General Advice for Purchasing Nude Platforms

When purchasing nude platforms, it’s crucial to consider your comfort level, personal style, and budget. Do not compromise on quality for a lower price. Invest in a reliable pair that will last for an extended period. Additionally, try them on in person before making a purchase. Some people prefer to order online, but nude platforms can vary significantly in fit and feel from one brand to another. Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and materials. The world of nude platforms is vast, and exploring various options can help you find the perfect pair for you.



What are nude platforms?

Nude platforms refer to shoes that feature a minimalistic design, typically without much color or ornamentation, giving the illusion that the wearer is not wearing shoes. These shoes are often made of natural materials such as cork or leather and have a simple, comfortable sole. The term “nude” is used to describe the neutral color, which blends in with the natural tones of the foot, creating a seamless and elegant look.

Nude platforms have gained popularity in recent years due to their versatility, comfort, and ability to elongate the legs. They come in various styles, such as flats, heels, and sandals, making them suitable for different occasions and preferences. Some popular brands that offer nude platform shoes include Rothy’s, Everlane, and M. Gemi.


Are nude platforms comfortable to wear?

Yes, nude platforms are generally comfortable to wear. One reason for their popularity is their minimalistic design, which often incorporates breathable materials like natural leather. The shoes provide ample support and cushioning for the feet, making them a comfortable choice for both casual and formal events. Many brands also prioritize comfort by offering stretchy materials in the upper part of the shoe, ensuring a snug fit without causing discomfort.

It is essential to choose nude platforms with proper arch support and cushioning if you have specific foot issues. For instance, if you have plantar fasciitis, opt for shoes with ample cushioning in the heel area. Additionally, test the shoes before purchasing to ensure the fit and comfort are suitable for your feet.

What are the benefits of wearing nude platform shoes?

There are several benefits to wearing nude platform shoes. Firstly, they provide a sleek and minimalistic look, seamlessly blending in with the natural colors of the foot, making them a versatile option for various outfits and occasions. Secondly, nude platform shoes can elongate the legs, providing an illusion of greater height and elegance.

These shoes also offer comfort and support, thanks to their minimalistic design and use of breathable materials. This makes them suitable for both everyday wear and more formal events. Additionally, nude platform shoes are easy to style and can be paired with various outfit combinations, making them a practical choice for those who value versatility and comfort.


How do I clean nude platform shoes?

To clean nude platform shoes, follow these steps: First, gently brush off any loose dirt or debris using a soft-bristled brush or an old toothbrush. Next, use a damp cloth to wipe away any stains or marks. Avoid soaking the shoes in water or cleaning them with harsh chemicals, as they may damage the natural materials used in their construction.

For more stubborn marks or stains, consider using a mild soap or detergent diluted with water to clean the shoes. Gently rub the soaped area with a soft cloth or brush and then rinse with a damp cloth. Allow the shoes to air dry naturally, away from direct heat or sunlight to prevent any discoloration or damage to the material.

How can I style nude platform shoes?

Styling nude platform shoes is relatively easy, thanks to their versatile design. They can be worn with casual outfits such as jeans, dresses, or skirts, making them a perfect addition to any wardrobe. For a more formal look, pair nude platform shoes with a tailored pant suit or a flowy dress. They can also be worn with trousers or shorts for a more relaxed, chic appearance.

Accessories such as scarves, belts, or a statement bag can enhance the overall look of your outfit when wearing nude platform shoes. Additionally, experimenting with different clothing colors and textures can help you achieve the perfect balance between comfort and style when wearing these shoes. Overall, nude platform shoes are a versatile footwear option that can elevate any outfit and provide comfort at the same time.

What are the different types of nude platform shoes available?

There are several types of nude platform shoes available, including flats, heels, sandals, and boots. Flat nude platforms are a popular choice for everyday wear and are available in a variety of styles such as slip-on flats, brogues, or loafers. Heels, on the other hand, provide a more elevated look and come in different heel heights, such as kitten heels, wedges, or pumps. Sandals offer a more relaxed, casual look, often featuring a minimalistic design with straps and a low platform heel.

For those seeking a more formal look, nude platform boots are a great option. These boots typically feature a stiletto or block heel and are available in various materials, such as leather, suede, or synthetics. They can be worn with dresses, trousers, or skirts, making them a versatile choice for formal events or casual outings.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.